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  • Recent Events

    2014 Hyde Co Youth Duck Hunt

    Hyde Co Youth Duck Hunt

    The two youth hunts were excellent and very successful. We had great turnouts with 30 Warriors and children participating. We were able to harvest close to 75 ducks (teal, gadwall, pintails, redheads, and ring necks). The weather was cold and wet but we did not hear any complaints from these children, they were troopers like their dads.

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  • Upcoming Events

    April 10-11:
    Bulls Eye Turkey Hunt

    April 17-18:
    Twin Oaks Turkey Hunt

    April 24-25:
    Pleasant / Farmer Turkey Hunt

    Oregon Inlet Fishing Trip

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Combat Warriors, Inc. Profit/Loss Statement

2013 Jan-Dec P/L Statement (click to view)

We are comfortable sharing our Profit & Loss Statement with the public. We want you to know how your monies are spent.

What The Warriors Are Saying

  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for my experience on the Combat Warrior Deer Hunt in Franklin County this past November.  The Combat Warrior Organization and all the local supporters made this event absolutely unforgettable.  Owning a company in the outdoor industry I know firsthand the logistical requirements it takes to plan, resource, and execute such an event. Being also an Active Duty member of the United States Army...

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  • I have attended several of the Combat Warrior events. These guys are by far some of the greatest Americans that I have known. The events bring Warriors in contact with...

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  • I was invited to attend a duck hunt hosted by Combat Warrior in January, 2013. Not knowing what to expect, a buddy and I arrived prepared to sleep in our truck and eat canned tuna for the weekend. Instead, we're instantly welcomed by the members and given the red carpet treatment. The hospitality shown to us...

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